Thursday, 30 May 2013


Woke up from the wild camp, beside the river, to find it had drpped overnight, but still nervous about the first leg of the walk as it follows glen troon. However this walk was delightful as was the climb out of the glen. Almost forgot about the midges, bites all over, whilst making camp and cooking.
The campsite was not far from martyes grave, a site where 3 women where praying and where murdered by soldiers, added to the blood spilt, the walked passed the site where rob roy took on and defeated the english army, to add independance for scotland, his army chaged down the mountain side throwing missles at the english. As i passed i wondered would history repeat with john salmon, throwing ballot papers for scottish indepence at me.
The day ended in a b&b, with luxuries such as a bath and hair dryer, just whst was needed after the 31.9km, which ended with a hill as a sting in its tail

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