Monday, 3 June 2013

Mr blue sky

Have pleasant memories of camping beside st mary's loch, apart from the idiots in the next tent who consider it ok to come back at midnight and light a fire, smoking me out, and gassing forever. Well u hope i made enought noise taking down my tent this morning.
Followed a lovely walk alongside the loch and a short day of 19km to traquair, where there is a road junction, great.
Choices were, continue to the next town to a campsite there (and have someone keep you up), head for a "vandalised bothy, stop short of target and wild camp,(was 13:30-too early) or as i did, in true forest gump style, just kept walking, until at 17:00, i found a purfect spot, high in the hills. So not a 19km day, but 28.81km, camping at 445m. Which happens to be less windy than last night
Sky has been blue all day, so just kept to a slow plodding pace, no need to sprint, like yesterday, and now have only 15km into galashields tomorrow, where i will be stocking up again.

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