Monday, 3 June 2013

Onward christain soldiers

An uneventful day which has ended up in the spice resturant in galashields. My blogs usally get written when waitng for food to come, in this case a chicken balti and rice.
Following yesterdays additional mileage, todays 18.7km, was finished by 12:30, even with a lenghtly stop at the three breathrens caines and the sweeping route around the back of galashieds, which seemed to add a additional 3km.
Arriving early allowed a bath at the b&b, well needed. A shopping trip to the towns 24hr tesco, and panini at the local wetherspoons. Don't sound ike a long distsance walk much, does it.
The borders still continue to excel over dumfries, with there quality of path and interest. The walk over the mitchmoor drove road yesterday and today was a hit
Laudrette services have applied by the b&b land lady, washing clothes in streams does not have the cleaning abilities of a good auto washing mc, added to which i had to get rid of the bonfire smell to my clothes from when yhey were drying a st mary's loch. Them two idiots again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice one Russ. You seem to be well into your stride now, and really enjoying the experience. Confidence levels must be high.


  2. Great to speak to Monday, good that the highs far out way the lows, now your going north it seems a bit topsy turvy, so glad you know which way your going, we think you aught "to go east young man"lv M and D..