Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thats all folks

A final 26.06km saw me arrive at cocksburnpath, the end of the suw, in good time for the transport out to berwick and ongk the st oswald way down to hadrains wall.
The view of the coast was delayed, and seemed like it was never going to appear, this after crossings of the a1 and east coast mainline. A walk onto the sand and the customary feet wettening then occure with the sea rushing towards me rather than me gracefully dipping my toe.
The turnback inland following a fly packed coastal cliff, failed to conclude the walk of 212miles satisfactory for me
But as bugs bunny says "thats all folks"


  1. WELL DONE. Another great achievement, seemed like a very mixed walk, but its all over now, we look forward to seeing a well tanned you, lv M & D

  2. Well done bugs! Another excellent week of blogging!