Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sandy Park to Morchard Road

The first uphill after leaving on Tuesday was onto the hill which houses castle drogo. Although I'd been seeing the castle  for half the previous day, the views when I was closest were masked by the hill and trees. It wasn't till I was past it than the big scaffold tent came into view. The £1.5m tent covering it puts my £200 tent to shame. 
It was not too much longer before I arrived at the A30 and the end of Dartmoor. 
The walk is made up of a day from the sea to the edge of Dartmoor, two days over Dartmoor, two days crossing central devon and two days over exmoor.
So now started the walk across mainly pastoral land, finishing the day at nor card road and the Devon Dumpling pub, we're I was joined overnight by my wife.

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