Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holne to Sandy Lane

The walk from Holne to Sandy Park is both the longest and has the most ascent, peaking at 530m, so upon finishing at the Sandy Park Inn, I couldn't believe it when they declared they was no food and no bar on a Monday. Added to which the room is television-less . The stand in hosts were good enough to pay for a taxi back to the village of Chagford, a place I'd past an hour earlier. So the following walk back was a repeat of the earlier walk.
I'd seen on the walk from quite a distance from the end a large white building perched high on the hillside, it seemed to be in view for most the afternoon, but it wasn't until getting close to Chagford I realised it was Castle Drogo, which I'll be passing tomorrow. I've since found out it isn"t white, but the castle is surrounded by scaffolding costing £1.5m whilst the repair the roof for £25m. They being the National Trust. Would have thought it'll be cheaper to build one from scratch.

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