Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Morchard Road to Knowstone

After leaving Morchard Road with a hefty bar/food bill from the night before, I walk to the next village called Morchard Bishop. Here memories came flooding back, as I passed thro the village on my LEJOG four years ago. 
Entering the village from a different direction I was above the memorial and seat were I sat to rest. The next few miles I criss crossed the route I previously took. Leaving it just short of Black Dog.
On my LEJOG, I'd walk west to east across the centre of Cornwall and Devon, on undulating hills. I had alway thought the hills ran north to South as it always felt like I was up and down all the time. Given that logic I would the have an easier walk, when walking south to north. Since leaving the heights of Dartmoor, I have crossed countless hills, always seeming like I was either  ascending or descending, so much for an easier Mid-Devon section!!
At times today I have had views in front to Exmoor and views to the rear of the mightier Dartmoor.

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