Sunday, 17 August 2014

Devon Coast to Coast

Since the last blog entry I have been busy walking, continuing the glyndwr way, so that only two legs remain. Starting and progressing well on the Staffordshire way and completing the north downs way over two long weekend (video posted).
Now I find myself having complete two of the seven legs of Devon,s Coast to Coast walk. The walk is made up of the 2 moors way and an extending walk from ivybridge down to the south coast at wembury. Couldn't see the stadium though.
Now crossing Dartmoor and loving the emptiness of the moor. Leaving ivybridge this morning climbing up onto the moor the wat weather added to the bleakness, this was later replaced by clear views across the vast expanse. 
The walk draws me nearer to the target of crossing the country from the south west at the lizard to the north east at Berwick. After this just the final walk on the south west coast path remains. Next years 3 week walk. This is going to replace my alps adventure. My knee and a pending operation has seen to that.
The E2 UK walk was completed when I walked into Dover on the moth downs way, so I am seeing that as the opposite diagonal ( north west to the south east) to the one in progress at present.
Hope to do a daily account for the remaining five days

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  1. Nice one Russ, keep up the good work!