Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What's Next?

Two walks over the weekend, the first being a 25.4km walk from Rhayader to Llangurig, the penultimate walk on the Wye Valley Way. The walk included climbing to the walks highest point, which, as the laws of physics state should be at the source of the walk. However, the WVW does not beginning at the source, nor does it visit it, but it starts at the River Severn, a mile or so into its course.
There is a viewing point up in the mountains where you can see across the mountain to the source, this is the biggest let down of the walk, however, I'd still put it in my top 5.
Standing at the highest point then, I had a good view over to Pumlumon and the location of the source, so although the walk does not go there, I have a walk planned to visit the three summits on Pumlumon as well as visiting the source of the Wye and the Severn (again). October looks the best time at present. Following the final walk in September.
Additionally, we completed the walk across the Malvern Hill from Malvern to Ledbury, which was Leg 10 of 12 of the Thames to Wye Path, so getting closer to finishing that one, with a 20km and 12km walk to arrive in Hereford.
Whilst the walk over the Malvern Hills were expected to be undulating, what was surprising was the up and down following the Hill, with uneven ground. To our surprise, the Bank Holiday Monday was the date of the Ledbury carnival, so the town was closed off, which resulted in us parking the other side of town and having to walk extra thro the crowds to the car. A total of 20.6km and lots of up and down.
Given both walks will be finishing shortly; plans are already in place the next walks.
Replacing the WVW for myself will be the Glyndwr's Way (GW). Logistics of this walk in the heart of Wales is going to be difficult, as there is little public transport, so the plan is I'll be doing the walk twice!! Parking at the previous walks finish, I'll walk out 10 - 15km until I find a location to park the next time and then return. The net effect being walking the whole path in both directions.
Replacing the Thames to the Wye will be Shakespeare’s Avon Way (SAW) from Naseby (Battle of) to Tewkesbury, via Rugby, south Coventry, Leamington, Warwick, Stratford, Bidford, Evesham and Tewksbury

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  1. Were you there on Bank holiday Monday? Me and Kim did British Camp to Chase End hill (well almost!!).