Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ncp Day 6 Fenwick to Berwick

20.4km Day started with us making our way down to the Holy Island Causeway, once again like yesterday following the route of the St Cuthberts Way. It is here that the St Cuthberts, St Oswald and Northumberland Coastal Paths combine. The journey to the causeway seemed to be shorter than I remembered it being. Whilst St C's and St O's Paths, cross the causeway and end at the abbey on Holy Island, we ventured back onto virgin territory by heading north along the coast to Berwick. After negotiating the marshy land immediately after the causeway, we had a familiar choice of following the inland route on the map, just behind the dunes or venture out onto the beach and enjoy another "barefooted" walk. Once again the later was taken. As the tide was out the first half of the beach walk was completed without sight of the sea, just a vast desert of sand to the west. We met up later with the sea just before striking up onto the cliff's (low ones)on our final journey to the Tweed estuary. As Berwick is on the North side of the estuary, this meant following it in to the first of the three bridges. Here at the end the signposting went mad and we ended up making our own way to the start of the walk to the Train Station. Just the video to do now, thinking of combining the St O path and NCP into one, will see.

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