Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day 44 latheronwheel to watten

Last but one day was 31.0km long. The A9 suddenly turned left a mile or so after leaving the B&B. The A road suddenly acquired another 9 to become the A99, which I followed for another 4 miles passed Lybster and its land based oil rig. This was a change from seeing the two sea based ones which have been to my right for the last day.
Turning right onto a single track lane that was the last of the A roads to just before John O'Groats.
The single track lane has had lots of long, and do I mean lang straight, which have seemed to go on forever, upon finishing one you round the corner to the next. All the scattered houses along the lane seem to have dogs running free in the front, all welcoming me with their own barking "hello". Behind fences there ok, when I met a woman walking 3 unloosed then that was different, first excuse was, don't see many people around here (meaning get the hell off out land), its your bag, his happy to see you...., can't you control your dogs and whats the next excuse, were mine, at which her reply was "you don't have to be like that".
Dogs over the last few days have suddenly returned. Mid Scotland was wonderful, not a event anywhere, but dogs are certainly back on the menu.
RAF have been impressing me again, but I wish there'd give me more warning for a decent photo.
Worked out today that the walk will be around 1,843,200 steps long, any of which, if taken wrong (twisted ankle etc.) could have been the last, lucky that has been the case.


  1. Well Russ How exciting , the last day coming up, was there ever any doubt. Enjoy your last day, well done, this is WWW ( whitmore whisker watch signing off), PS Let us know when you reach John O Groats. Ma & Pa

  2. All the best for tomorrow, If you are in the brown trout tonight it looks a nice place. Have a good celebration weekend well done. MrPH.

  3. Well done Russ, brilliant that you'll have made it by this time tomorrow. What great feet you have :) Now, how many weeks rest do you need before the Monopoly challenge walk I'm going to set?

  4. Well done Russ! You don't know me from Adam (or Eve!) but I've been following you all the way! Many congratulations! What's the next walk going to be!?