Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Day 42 Gospie to Helmsdale

Hoping this blog will be more successful than last night which for some reason was truncated. Even after numerous, downloads neither the pictures or the lower half came there. Hope to rectify this when home.
How come lots of towns I have past thro have 2 Greggs where if you resist the temptation initially you can't the second? Yet not one for the last 100 miles, not even a Mcgreggs, can I survive without a sausage roll much longer, especially as this place I'm staying at doesn't even do breakfast.
No sooner than I shake my Police spy, (Blair from New Zealand), do they fin d a replacement. Upon arriving in Helmsdale, I was chatting with a End to End cyclist, and yes a copper.
Had a great evening's company, having a mega meal in a restaurant, which was very pink.
Today's 29.6km was largely spent on the less than spectacular A9, with a lack of verge, so attention to vehicles always required. The first 5 miles however was along the coast and on the beach passing Dunrobin Castle, a real Disney castle if ever there was one.


  1. Thanks for putting our minds at rest, Had a look at tomorrows walk and just before you get into Newport there's a fabulous view along the coast looking north that if your still on the A9. So enjoy, and we hope the weathers good.Ma & Pa

  2. Russ -- I'll be staying in Golspie in July, and I hope that your postings weren't motivated by a Freudian desire to get the "l" out of that place. But seriously, thanks for the good blogs, and stay away from traffic for the next few days.


  3. You are doing really well dude! Send us a text when you have completed!