Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 43 Helmsdale to Latheronwheel

This morning I left the hostel at the same time as Jay, the End to End cyclists. Within a short time he was well ahead on the long incline out of Helmsdale. He was due to finish today, whereas I had 3 full days walk ahead. Realising I had given my latest Police escort the slip, I was on my own again, the I realised, the police had handed over the role to the RAF, who's tornado fighters, continue to track me all day, with low level flight overs.
But the time I had got my camera out for a photo they were well away, probably at my end of the day destination, before the lens was out.
End to End in one of those next I think.
Scotland and particularly the section north of Inverness has surprised me how long it is and the fact you go North East not North, so I thought what could be best done with it for the benefit of future Lands End to Inverness walkers, then my idea!
Transplant it into the Irish Sea to infill the gap between Wales and Ireland, the benefits being, the mountains here would be closer to the Midlands and a new walk from East Anglia to Ireland, crossing England, Wales, the new located Scotland top bit and Ireland. What an idea, will have to write to "Jim will fix it"
Well tomorrow night joined by my wife and brother, so. The last night of isolation after 5 weeks, since rest day 2 in the Midlands and 7 week since the start. Will they recognise the new "slim whitmore" the athlete with the new bearded look?
Blog maybe a bit short tomorrow, so I'll just finish by mentioning my feet. They have been the stars of the show, not complaining, supporting throughout and no blistering once. So a toast to my feet...........


  1. Beard Tip of The Day.......
    Yes its the beard again. If you grow it long enough, you can back comb it onto your head, and you will have hair again!

    Please....No more feet shots. Even the beard is better than those.... Oh my god what am I saying, for the record that was not a beard compliment..OK :-)

    Great walk mate, almost there!

  2. amazed how good a condition your feet appear to be in,well done.however we think you deserve all the praise possible for what you have achieved.enjoy the penultimate evening building up to the final flourish on friday. Ma&Pa

  3. Someone (I believe it may have been Mark Moxon) did an analysis of the weight of a razor vs. the weight of the beard. It would be a great contribution to all future walkers if you were to weigh the beard (food scraps included) and provide further data for the study.