Sunday, 20 June 2010

Back walking again

After two weeks, was back on my feet this weekend returning to probably the nearest point to home on the LEJOG route. Some of the LEJOG route was retrodden, as I made my way to the Stafford & Worcester Canal, however, instead of taken the towpath northerly to Kiddiminster, I took a left turn to follow it south to Stourport on Severn.
At the bridge, I was hit by a moment of nostalgia, as I looked to the path to John O'Groats, remembering the state of my shins last time I was here. The remainder of the walk was following the Severn Way to Bewdley, before swapping sides of the Severn and returning on a less obvious path on the other side of the river.
A mile stretch was a battle through undergrowth, thistle, hawthorn branches and nettles. Upon returning to Stourport, I made for the familiar Hartlebury Common, where I had an all to familiar dog encounter before taking a short/long cut into a cul-de-sac. Route was just over 21km, which was just the answer, enabling me to have a lie in and get hole early for an evening up Birmingham.
Prior to starting my LEJOG, I'd killed the treadmill, with all the training, this has now been replaced. The seven week walk resulted in a loss of 15lbs. I think I would have lost more, had Steve not converted me to Scottish Shortbread when I met him. Several, and I mean several packs were consumed in the final weeks of my walk.
So, I have now reverted back to stomping on the treadmill, but now to introduce a novelty factor into it I am completing a "virtual/simulated" JOGLE.
What the hell is he on about?? Well, each time I walk, I record the distance, this is then transferred onto my mapping software. I left John O'Groats last week and am 10km away at present, having lost the vision of the North Coast, yes I look at my photo's to see what I should be seeing . And NO dogs to have to worry about. Estimates at present suggest it should take just short of two years to complete, subject to continued training. Will update periodically or when something reportable happens en route.

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