Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Last Month

New fresher look for the blog, just played with the options of different dispays and settled for this one?
Its now only 4 weeks to the first anniversary of me starting my LEJOG, where has that last year gone? The first seven weeks of it I remember very well, with the aid of the Blog entries, added to which I have been recording the events of each day to aid my memory in years to come. Don't worry there's no risk of it turning into a book.
This time last year, I was totally naive to what it actually takes to do a walk of its length, part of me wishes I had it to look forward to, the other just enjoys the memories.
Recent weeks I have continued with ongoing projects, finishing the Worcester Way with a final day over the Malvern Hills, through the Pear Orchards, with their grotesquely form trees, looking like something out of a horror film and sliding on hills of mud (great for toning I've heard)
Two additional legs of the Birmingham to Aberystwth walk between the River Severn and Ludlow, over Clee Hill (530m) done, now taking me upto 56% complete and a leg of the Severn Way. This Severn Way leg was focused around the river just after Welshpool.
I had previously covered a large percentage of this walk as it shares the route alongside the Breidden Hills with Offa's Dyke. I'd walked this back in 2006, remembering this leg well as it the the same day that my Aunty died of Diabetes. This, and others I know who have diabetes was a significant motivator for me raising money when I did the LEJOG for JDRF, a Diabetes charity.
Returning on the circular walk I chose to climb upto Rodney's Pillar, standing on top of Breidden Hills. Here, there are superb views across Wales and back across Shropshire, as well as viewing at the base of the hill the mornings route along the Severn.
Looking ahead, one more leg of the Severn Way before, driving North of the Border in 3 1/2 weeks time to cover St Cuthberts Way, finishing on Holy Island, really looking forward to it now, across Northumberland with my wife, with the baggage being transferred, (benefit of walking with my wife who refuses to carry everything and the transferred companies refusing to take single bags)
Now I've chosen camping and hiking for the future accommodation plans, I've been working on getting to the same weight of rucksack that I carried on the LEJOG, this has now nearly been achieved, by ditching unused items, buying lite weight items to replace heavier ones, such as my rucksack (-700grams). The predicted weight is only going to be about 400 grams heavier, I could lose another 200 if I was to not take my umbrella, but after its success last year, I can't leave it. So now looking for a trial run, maybe the week after Easter as I have it as a break from work, (subject to weather - temp....)
Almost forgot, the dogs are still out there harassing me, as two of the last week walks I've been confronted by and barked by a dog. Suppose I'd miss them if they weren't there (NOT)

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  1. Nice one mate. I remember that Pear orchard. When I did it it was a good day and did not look so creepy!

    Kepp on blogging dude!