Sunday, 13 February 2011

Woken from hibernation

Didn't realise it was so long since the last entry. I'd like to have a good excuse like I'd be in hibernation and just woke up after such a nice day yesterday, and what's all the fuse about some snow before Christmas. But no, like everyone else had to suffer the white stuff and the mayhem it caused.
Onto walking, whilst blog entries haven't happened, walking certainly has, with me continuing on with the Severn Way, now only got 4 legs to complete, most of England is doe with some of Wales completed. Overall in excess of 70% now done.
Missing transport links has been a theme over recent months. Missing a bus at Shrewsbury, which left early, missing one at Upper Framilode (South Gloucester) due to road works with a diversion. Both contingency plans had to be developed as I walked away from the bus stop, both walking to the place I should have been walking from. If that makes sense.
With my wife were walking the Worcester Way, a pleasant, undulating walk, which were due to finish next week. And January saw me return to the hills at Edale, were realisation that I'd not done a proper mountain for over a year hit me, or more localised hit my knees. Need to get back my mountain legs over the next few months.
The end of January saw an awards night for one of the charities that I'd collected for. Here I received a great memento for the walk, and was also award the "Volunteer of the Year" award. The trophy was presented by the local MP and I swear the size of the cup and weight being heavier than the pack I'd carried last year.
Onto this years targets, I'd mentioned E2 previously, well I'm planning on starting some of the track this year. April sees me and my wife off to continuously walk the St Cuthberts Way, this being a replacement for the North Downs Way, due to the logistics of having packs moved forward (Wife does not do big packs). Were both also doing the Staffordshire Way, bit by bit, once the Worcestershire Way is done. On my own I'm planning to complete the Severn Way, finishing up on Plynlymon, do a bit more of the Birmingham to Aberystwyth and do a few more Mountains.
A few years ago, when doing Offa's Dyke South I'd met Graham, who was part the way thought his JOGLE, since we've kept in contact and this year his planning the ascent of all 214 Wainwrights. I'm planning on joining him for a few, just working out the details of which and when, but looking forward to joining up with him again and bagging a few more. Been stuck on 60 old percent complete too long.
Back to E2, a significant part of this walk is the Pennine Way, which has to be tackled next year. Estimating about 2.5 weeks to complete, I've taken the decision that its time to save money and camp instead of B&B's. Since Christmas I've invested in a lite weight tent, sleeping bag, mat, strive and a sample of Wayfarers dehydrated Chilli (bet they all taste the same). To start my camping/hiking adventures off, in July, I'm walking parallel with a group of friends who are doing the Wainwright C2C, only camping. Initial thoughts were to complete the whole lot, but become separated at Richmond due to camping facilities, but I'm now developing a separate plan which does the C2C upto Kirkby Stephen, at that point with the best done, I'll let them continue and I'll stride off on my own down through Lancaster, following the incomplete Thirlmere Way, which is currently sitting 50% completed. Thus completing another of my walks. Sounds like a plan

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  1. Hi Russ,

    good to hear from you again. Seems like you've got loads of adventures in the pipeline which i'm only jealous off!!! Good luck with it all, i look forward to spending my summer reading your blog.