Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 4

Day 4 33.4km
Today was a day of one whole. That is no rain! With the exception of aslight mist on the final moor. Today was walking for ten hours, following a 7:30 start and the highlight was crossing withins height, the scene of emily bronte's, wuthrring heights. (photo) Just a pity i could not stop singing kate bush's song of the same title, totally out of key all day.
For the second day, i have "bumped" into a pub in the middle of the day, only today i had a beefy broth soup, that was so thick it must have had an entire bull in it. Must say it was the tonic which carried me thro the remaining half of the day.
Although its been dry, the ground is sodden and wet boots in and out are now a part of the walk, whats it like to have dry feet?
Lookin forward to the scenic malham tomorrow, its been a place i've wanted to visit for a long time.


  1. Seems to be going well Russ. You've had less rain than us today!


  2. Oh Russ!!!! What a week to start your walk! have you thought of using your tent as a cape, save having to erect it each night, or just leave it up and walk in it. signing off, wednesday, here rain, yesterday rain, monday rain, tomorrow probably rain!!!!! lv m and d.

  3. this is friday. good to speak yesterday, unfortunatly its absolutly pouring this morning looks as if its in for the day, hope its better where you are, do take care, and keep your pecker up, look forward to your blog when you can get a signal,lv m ans d.