Friday, 13 July 2012

Day 14

Day 14 13.5km
Friday the 13th, what could possibly go wrong? And if anything did would it involve gettin wet? After all the forcast predicted a dry day, just like yesterday and i ended up wet.
Well it happened like this.....
Packed bag this morning for a quick off after breakfast, went down had the works, fill english, with a pot of tea, which i didn't spill. Came back upstairs, picked up bag and thought, if i known this was wet from yesterday, i would have dried it on the radiator (like socks, t-shirt.....)then it dawned on my, this was soaking and the bed, thd bag was on was soaked to.
At this point i realised the wole 2litres had emptied onto the bed through the drinking pope bit vakve. (not the firdt time this has happened- note lesson learnt, learnt lesson).
So down stairs to check out, and let them know i'd wet the bed, no bladder control......
Made worst by demonstrating that went the bit valve is compressed water comes out, which it did by spraying her with water. Left there in a hurray.
So to the walk, a short rest day today, plodding along harians wall at 2.5mph, in the dry, visualising the romans patrolling some 1800 years ago.
I'd walked this part of the walk before, when walkin hadrains wall in 05, and remember a drowned rat approach, who himself was walking the pennine way and had walked in permant rain an whoses boots had perished. Lessons learnt here, to learnt by others lessons, are sod that!!! (location of photo)
One lesson that had been leant was not to stay at the b&b which charged 25pounds for the evening meal at greenhead last time, remembered the pain off receiving thst bill last time.
So a nice early finish got into the once brewed yha at 2:00 so feet up and rest and blog


  1. You'll remember this walk through the water and soggyness, known as the "moisture walk", perhaps next week you could try missing the boggy bits,keep it up russ you're doing well m & d.

  2. Hello mate!
    finally got my pc running so i can comment, for some reason my phone doesn't like your comment button!?
    Really impressed with your ability to ignore the crummy weather and to keep on plodding!think i'd have cried it off by now, what with soggy dog to contend with!
    As i write this(sunday morning) i imagine you'll be heading up into the cheviots, i guess my warnings about a lack of water on the hill arent so relevant! lol!
    Still thoughts are with you and keep on enjoying this amazing country in all its variety!
    Andy n Alfie

  3. woto Russ. how u doin? went for a fab meal yesturday with m&d i jo & kids had a good time. glad your not going on a long walk with the bad weather we've been having. certainly glad your not camping and getting soggy on a daily basis. there are such things as cars / coaches / bikes / horses that you could use? when are we gonna get the dvd with musical interlude like the really long walk we saw the other day @ m&d. r u gonna use handels water music (sorry dads influence strikes without warning) have fun stay safe Kirk

  4. missed you yesterday (sunday) at the meal. its absolutely pouring here to day, and forecast not good for tomorrow, hope you've got it better, the weather is likely to improve at the end of the week,plese be careful not to tread in any soggy boggies, m & d.