Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thames Path Start

After a small delay over December I am now looking to start my assault on the Thames Path, starting this Saturday. The path has now been divided into 13 individual walks, may come down to 12 if I choose to combine the last 3 into 2, but the biggest choice now is whether to cover the E2 portion from Oxford down to Weybridge first or start at the beginning.
After much uming and arhing, I have decided to do the later, starting at the source this Saturday. When I completed the Severn Way, I tended to jump around completing different areas at different time and also sometime walking with the flow and sometime against, depending on which was the best for transport. I've decided this one is in order, with the flow. Just hope with all the rain and winds the path is going to be walkable, otherwise it might turn into an aquathon (run/swim minus the run bit)
Aim is to complete it this year with a visit/stay? at my uncles in London at the end, covering the last 2 legs on a weekend trip down London. Other than that, its commuting down south and back, that's where having a 60 mpg car will help.
So Saturday its a drive to Cricklade, a bus to Swindon, a train to Kemble and a 2 mile walk to the source, the start for real, with a 20km walk back to Cricklade.(6.7% of the Path)

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  1. Hi Russ
    Mr organised! Have fun!