Monday, 23 January 2012

Thames Path Day 2 Criclade to Lechlade 14-01-12

Real path behind!
Jack Frost also doin the Thames Path
Comparatively late start walking (10:45) on the second leg, largely due to the transport opportunities available. Swindon bus station once again being the mid point of travelling.
Upon arriving at Cricklade, I had to back track to where I'd previously left the path early on the previous walk (mistake not helped by a misaligned sign post)
The morning was completed in frosted conditions with the ground hard. Gradually over the day, a thawing resulted in the ground softening and becoming muddier.
Warning noted

First boats

The walk to Lechlade includes a lengthy 2km walk along the busy A361 road. Upon approaching the road walkers of the path are advised to use either buses or taxi to progress. Wanting to complete the entire walk, I choose to walk this length which certainly was no worse that certain road sections of my LEJOG.
Although only 2km later, when I rejoined the river, its character completely changed. The river suddenly became the host of various boating, starting with canoes and shortly followed by canal cruisers and barges. No doubt a theme which will now continue all the way to the end, where the canoes get replaced by battleships!

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