Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Training Interupted, but spending continues - wish it was the other way around

Training has come to an abrupt halt over the last week and a half due to a cold. A planned walk from Hope over Mam Tor and onto Kinder Scout was abandoned this last week end along with my regular sessions on my treadmill.
Since the last entry, I have complete a couple of 20+ mile walks, on road over to Solihull and back, testing out my Asics trainer, which with there "Gel" soul, these worked well, with no issues. Followed by a walk along the Droitwich Canal to Worcester, along the River Severn and returning up the Birmingham to Worcester Canal. The Droitwich Canal was interesting as the canal is currently being restored and under going significant improvements, however the towpaths were, to say the least extremely muddy, any fall or slip here would have resulted in quite a mess. It'll be a real nice walk in a few years, no doubt i'll return.
Final purchases have been made, a new Olympus camera to capture pictures along the walk. An additional stuff sac , which I have now move all the items I might need to access immediately when walking have been moved into. Items such as sunglasses, sun and insect creams, tablets, plasters and wipe now are close to hand, all this items if buried are likely not to be used, but I am likely to suffer later, if not used. The sac will be located in the top of the rucksac, some learning from recent walks.

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  1. I finished my JOGLE in Asics trainers - they were a joy to wear after a pair of uncomfortable boots!

    All the best