Sunday, 7 February 2010

68 Day 15 hrs - Now less than 10 weeks

Saturday saw me more into single figures for the amount of weeks left to the start, just 9wk and 6 days now, if they go as fast as the last 9 then the start will be upon me in no time.
I am keeping up a good training schedule, both walking on the weekend and on the treadmill in between, this is not however shown in my waistline, as no mater how many miles I walk I stay the same weight +/- 1lb, this is frustrating to say the least.
Recent walks have included two, 34km + walks along the canals, from Rugby to Crick and Birmingham to Droitwich and a 16km walk along a walk called the Midland Link, which link the North Worcestershire Path with Kenilworth. Second part next week.
Mentioned in a previous entry the total training walks last years was 725 mile, however, if I add the treadmill miles numbering 47 X 5.5 km average covered, equals a total of 886 miles for last year, only when the walk begins this year, this will be done consecutively on 45 days!!!
Sponsorship is underway now with some £250 already committed, plus a donation from the Charity Committee at work of £1000 toward Special Olympics Redditch. Will gradually wind up effort more as I get closer, plus push the online donations at
Last three walk I have complete with "the kit", lessons have been learnt including splitting the kit down into a further 3 stuff bags and having a bag close to hand with my sunglasses and suncream(will I need them???), pain killers (definitely will need them), and a couple of other items. When packing I keep lifting the bag and thinking its OK, then the following day with the food and liquids packed it suddenly becomes much heavier, suppose I'll get used to it, probally on day 45?. Anyone know of any lite weight liquids, liquid helium maybe? (what does it taste like in coffee?)

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