Sunday, 26 January 2014

All Change

Last blog account had me looking forward to finishing the Glyndwr Way and then heading for the Welsh Coast to Coast. Well two trips to the physio for my “niggily knee” have changed that plan.

Out go long walks up hills, replaced by shorter walk on the level, for the short term anyway. Apparently, by upper thigh muscles are in balanced and pulling my knee cap incorrect and the cap is grating on the bone….. Therefore exercise program and “taping” of the knee cap to get it corrected.

So, what alternative have Ito the Glyndwr Way, well, having started the Grand Union Canal some years ago and only getting to Daventry, I have the opportunity to progress all the way to Central London.

Yesterday I undertook the first of the remaining legs (those without doggy knees!) and had a very flat (1 lock) walk of 16km, skirting around Milton Keynes (more pictures – for the most, than it sounds). I have decided not to restrict myself to following the flow of the canal (that’s if they do in fact flow) or complete it sequentially. I’ll just do which bit takes my fancy that day (how liberating!!)

So with the final mention of the Glyndwr Way for a few months, with the fact that I had completed the very pleasant stage from Lake Vyrnwy to Llangadfan, two weeks ago.

Inbetween, that walk and the walk along the canal, there has been a weekend up in the Lakes pursuing my next favourite hobby, buying from Outdoor Shops. The occasion being my 50th. (More niggily pains to come, lets hope not.) Bagging anymore Wainwright’s was put on hold in favour of visits to the hot tub at the hotel Spa!!

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  1. Hi Russ, i hope by now the knee is much improved, we are getting near a useful day length and i certainly need some practice.
    Cheers J.P.