Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ready for the off

Just 2 days now till I head off on this years LDW, over recent months I've looked on jealously whilst others have hit the track. Thats not to say I've been totally stationary myself.
A wonderful 3 days up the Lakes and 10 new Wainwright summits, now take me to 80% complete. The "long" Sunday walk along the south side of Ennerdale Lake extended itself with a repeat walk of the C2C route back to the YHA, that following the 5 summits, the first in a snowstorm. A further mountain walk over the Breacons in thick mist reminded me of the challenges of walking without clear vision across open landscapes. Will have to bear that in mind if the weather turns (or stays) foul across the Pennine moors.

Staffordshire Way is complete, having walked the final leg with my wife, however the pub was closed for our celebration meal. Made up later with a Chinese buffet.
Recently I have stretched my legs on a 18mile canal walk from Stone to Rudeley and last week a walk along the Malverns and back, with over 1000m ascent, its amazing how those underlations add up.
The Malvern was completed with the my complete pack "Pennine" pack. Fully weighted down. The only soreness of the day was the top on me head, slightly burnt from the little sun we had. Could say now I'm a red head. Completed with friend I encounted a new experience of a full pinic with champagne at the mid point
Looking ahead the PW itinerary is complete, with occasional YHA visits breaking up the camping and once up to Kirk Yetholm a bus  trip over to the North Sea Coast will follow with a walk down the St Oswald Way back to Hadrians Way. 21 days of walking fun, fresh air and meeting new people. Blog enteries to follow as often as I can, battery and signal permitting.


  1. Look forward to reading the accounts to come, if there is a picnic mid day you are one hiker i would like to meet along the trail.

    Cheers J.P.

  2. Hi Russ! Not sure if I will see you or not before you go. However I just wanted to wish you all the very best for your mamouth adventure. Keep blogging if you can..... GOOD LUCK MATEY!

    Regards Adrian