Sunday, 25 September 2011

Harder than Snowdon!

First off, things back to normal with the weather, another rain free walk.
A planned walk up Snowdon, ended up being another leg of the B'ham to Aber Walk completed. After finding out no-one else wanted to climb mountains I changed the plan to walk from Knighton and take the walk tally upto 80% complete. Funny fact was I walk over 1000m's of ascent on the rolling hills in mid Wales, greater than I would have if I'd climbed to the tallest mountain in Wales, added to which the distance was greater with the walk totalling 28km.
All the way down, just to go back up
I've noticed reading other blogs the fashionable walk this year is cross the country, I have been reading with interest numerous accounts of east the west and west to east walks. Upon entering yesterday's walk onto the mapping software I suddenly realised, that I to was in pursuit of this walk. On finishing the B'ham to Aber, starting at the coast of Wales and ending in Gas Street Basin (Birmingham), and adding to it a walk that I am I am also partially complete in,  walking the lenght of the Grand Union Canal ending in London. Put together that counts as a wonky east to west (or East to South West!!)

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