Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend Wanders

The Staffordshire Way has now been started with an interesting walk away from the start at Mow Cop, with great views, looking over the Cheshire Plain intoWales, North West and the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. Views were bettered following the climb onto "The Cloud". Leg1 finished at Rushton Spencer, Leg 2 looks as interesting, with a walk alongside Rudyard Water on towards Leek, this is now planned for the end of September.
Whilst up on “The Cloud”, we were exposed to views of the Berwyn’s, sitting elevated behind the Peckforton Hills on the Sandstone Trail . The Berwyn’s being my destination on the following day (bank holiday Monday). Having climbed onto the Berwyn’s and Moel Sync back in 07, I reserved most of the route, but missed the stone circles (sheep) with an alternative walk to Craig Berwyn. Views on top were as good as I’d remembered.

This walk with almost 1000m ascent was the first of many more mountainous walks I’m planning to regain my mountain legs, which I’ve lost in the last year. A trip to the lakes to join Graham is now planned, replacing the aborted trip from earlier this year with my sprained ankle. So, 13 summits in 3 days, in the Far Eastern Fells, with my tent making reappearance.

Looking forward, routes across Dartmoor, the Roaches, Arenig Fach, and returns to the Arans and Cadair Idris are being planned to re-build those legs and heart muscles.

Next years LDW, the Pennine Way, has now been planned, to be an 18 day venture with a mixture of camping and hostels. (Those mountain legs will be seriously welcome for that walk) Daily schedules are now set with accommodation identified. Just when? July now looking favourable.

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