Monday, 6 June 2011

Ambleside Trip

Just back from a week in the lakes where based in Ambleside, I summited 6 more Wainwright's thus bringing the total ascended to 140, with 74 more to do. The six were completed in 2 days walk, the first in the Troutbeck Valley. Shallow, Sour Howes and Troutbeck Tongue where walked with my wife with a walk of 19.8 km and some 824m ascent.The second three, started with a delightful walk along the Scandale Pass out of Ambleside in the glories sun on the last day of the holiday (Friday). Little Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd and Middle Dodd the targets. In completing the summits I manage to fall over on my ankle, such that it twisted outwards in my boot, falling over I knew things weren't too good, but gathered I was better off keeping it all stuffed in my boot. Coming of the hills hurt, so at the base prior to the 5 mile walk back to Ambleside I took off my boot and witnessed a tennis ball size lump out the lh side of my lh ankle. A 30 minute soak in a cold stream and 2 painkillers helped suppress the pain enough for the walk back.The ankle and foot have since gone into super swell mode, where my foot is about twice its normal size. A hospital visit has now confirmed no break but rest, elevation, ice, painkillers and also crutches specified. With a 3 day walk planned in 3 weeks I am now just hoping for a fast recovery, at the moment I couldn't even get the boot on.

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  1. OOOh that don't look to good russ, hope the healing is quick when you have so many miles on the to do list.
    Cheers J.P.