Wednesday, 18 August 2010

August - not a walking month -so far

From walking almost every Saturday during July, I have gone to not walking at all in August so far. With a planned trip to Stonehenge and Glastonbury this weekend, that will only leave the final Bank Holiday weekend to remedy the situation. Last weekend however did have a walking and LEJOG theme as I spent the whole weekend retracing my LEJOG route capturing photo's lost when my camera left me at Taunton. Is nice to have a complete photo set of the whole walk, even thought some aren't from the actual days. I'd forgotten some of the route, scenery and features from the first week having no photo's to recall from. Memories of the final 5 1/2weeks have been boosted by the photo's, so now having all seven weeks I'll have no excuse. I have made sure that these are suitably backed up. Photo shown is the position where I discovered the camera was lost and the wall I almost kicked in anger!! Walking on the treadmill, as boring as it is, is still going well, keeping me ready for when I do finally get out for a LDW. I am now at Brora, walking the A9, heading for Drumrobin Castle (I remember that day walking up the country well, with the fantastic views along the coast) on my "simulated" walk down the country, since beginning at the start of July I have covered some 60 miles. (see map!)

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  1. Nice one Russ. But you are taking a lot longer on your treadmill walk!