Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Well the New Year is in, and what a year its going to be. 104 days to go, so training schedule is due to be cranked up, unfortunately most of it on the treadmill. I have found something to watch on my computer whilst on the treadmill, listening to music and that is the route walked in 3d on my computer from the Mapping Software, call me sad. This way I'll have done the walk a few time "virtually" before completing it. Finished last years walking with 2 walks in the last week, see previous entry for photo of the first in mid Wales, up above the 600m snowline. Only 10 miles covered, but terrain was challenging with snow, bogs, heather and river crossings, a good day out. One the last day of the year I did a 20 mile walk from Droitwich to the River Severn at Worcester and back along the Birmingham to Worcester Canal, plan to do the Birmingham to Droitwich (20 miles) at some stage soon prior to the walk.

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  1. Hi Russ have youe moved your start date forward? you posted on my blog an 11/5/2010 start date!
    guess your gonna be the blur that scoots past us on our first rest day in launceston!