Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Kit now ready

Have now finalised my kit list and with Santa's arrival on the 25th all items shall be purchased and tested, although I am still debating on whether to buy a replacement pair of berghaus paclite waterproof trousers, there's my birthday for that expense I suppose. The final weight in is due and I will post the total soon. In the last month I have brought a pair of "cyclist" arm warmers, which will be worn will my T shirts if too cold or am wearing my gore tex jacket over the top (Hate waterproof jackets next to skin!!). Have purchased a Pro Shell baseball cap, which is lite as anything but is waterproof replacing a cloth, heavier non w/proof one. Have decided that my trusty GPS is travelling with me, this will be used to create a trial of my walk (MUST remember to turn it on each day) and also I have generated a series of 800 waypoints for the whole walk. That way I will have an indication of walking in the right direction and the time / distance to that nights accommodation. I usually have 100 waypoints for a days walk so will have to get used to less detail, as I can only load 500 into GPS at anyone time. Have maintained a training schedule, the 3 days canal walks weren't as wet as promised although did get soaked on the second day, my fault couldn't be bothered putting on w/proof trousers until too wet - lesson to be learnt there I think. Apart from that fell great after wanting to do more. Walked in the Malverns twice, to maintain my "mountain legs" as although no too high they are undulating and do test the calves, the last of these on the shortest day along snowy tracks. Whilst on this walk I was approached by a cameraman for Central New looking for "winter hill" shows and as there wasn't too may people around, guess who starred later that evening. Notice all the shots were from behind me - best angle???? The other walk completed was a 25km walk over the Black Mountains, this was completed half in mist but later in the day along the ridge the mist cleared for some great views. One final note, the Website is now nearing completion and the serious issue of fund raising begins - the walk I think will be easier!!!

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