Friday, 20 November 2009

Maps continued

Each laminate in the top Rh corner has been left clear to enable the attachment of a small mirror to it. The mirror, brought from Cotswold Outdoors comes pre pierced, so by hole punching the laminated the mirror can be attached with a brass fastener with split legs (If I can find them as Staples have discontinued them), but why? Is it to check on my complexion as I walk along Britain's wind sweep roads - Answer No, Check on my own natural beauty - No, not so paranoid, then why? The answer is, when walking along the road, walking into traffic, you can assess easily vehicles approaching. You would hope all vehicle behind were approaching on their side of the road, dual carriageways shouldn't be an issue. The problem arises when a vehicle behind is overtaking and enters the side of the road you are walking, behind you, when wearing a backpack and after a while repeatedly looking back becomes a major pain, therefore a mirror attached to the map which, I always generally carry can be used to assess the road behind and decide whether I need to take action, like drive into the hedge! Having read other Blogs, this is by far the worst factor of road walking, as when overtaking, if there isn't a vehicle then overtaking commences. Additional to the laminated maps, I will have the whole of the country with the waymarked routes downloaded on my phone, when used with the GPS it becomes a very useful tool to locate exactly where you are on a map formatted. This also give the ability to view the wider area beyond what is included in the "strip maps". The telephone will allow me to update the Blog and download pictures during the walk (subject to signal!), capture addition photo's and access route and iternery details within excel and powerpoint. (But not do work!). Oh and almost forgot phone home. Once again the maps has been achievable due to the Pocket Anquet software, which although is less than the PC version is more than satisfactory for my needs.

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