Saturday, 24 October 2009

Moel Hebog aborted, Plan B the Brecons

A couple of years ago, the day following Boxing Day we had to abort getting to the summit of Moel Hebog due to gale force winds. The same fate laid ahead today, following the fore casted 80mpg Storm Force gusts that were predicted. To abort once was bad enough, so when the same prospect presented itself, then a decision was made at 5.30am on the day to consider plan B. Did plan B exist before 5.30am, No, but it was soon hatched with us select a walk from a list rapidly assembled. This instead took us to the Brecons, to hopefully a better weather forecast.
Well if constant rain and gales (not quite storm force) was better then we certainly achieved our aim.
So today saw us summit Fan Ned and another couple of unpronounceable named summits. In total the 17.3km walk topped out at 725m and despite the weather conditions I think all enjoyed.
Monday sees the family off to the Lake District, not walking but at Centre Parcs. May be able to get away for 3 hours to complete Binsley, a summit of only 400 odd meters, but it will be nice to complete it as its a Wainwright out on its own. Will let you know.
On a completely different note, my mate "Ade" is working on a website which will be linked off the Special Olympics site for the walk next year(This, after doing the Brecon walk today).
Ade working out which way to go (His websites are better than his navigation)
The aim is to:-
Have a facility for online donations for the walk
Hold all the route an walk details
Read in the blog details - so my planned daily enters can be viewed by those visiting the site.
By the look of it development is going well, in fact you may actually be reading this account on it (in the future), so what do you think???

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